Pre-Pharmacy Program

Georgia Southwestern's pre-pharmacy program is a series of courses that satisfy the prerequisites for admission to a pharmacy school and typically include a strong background in the sciences and mathematics as well as varied courses in the arts and humanities. Upon completion, students may apply to a pharmacy school to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. 

Pharmacy schools typically only enroll one class each year generally limited to 140-150 students. Competition for those seats is strong so preparation is mandatory.  In most cases, a pre-pharmacy student applies to their choices of pharmacy schools in the summer or early fall of their second year. It is important to note that the first indicator evaluated by the admissions personnel is your academic GPA. Most pharmacy schools also require scores on the PCAT, a standardized exam. The first chemistry and biology series should have been completed (as well as most of the math) to prepare students to succeed on the PCAT. 


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The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT®) is a specialized test that helps identify qualified applicants to pharmacy colleges. It measures general academic ability and scientific knowledge necessary for the commencement of pharmaceutical education.

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A typical pre-pharmacy curriculum is given as an example for students looking at the four pharmacy schools in the area:

Students interested in applying to pharmacy schools outside of Georgia are encouraged to contact their advisor when planning their coursework to determine if any additional coursework is required. The specific courses required may vary for each school so you must carefully consider this fact as you plan your course of study. Your pre-pharmacy advisor is your greatest source of help in this endeavor.