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Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program (REPP)

Pre-Engineering with REPP

The Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program (REPP) at GSW prepares students with the first two years of required core curriculum for an engineering discipline. After completion, students may transfer to a participating institution and are able to continue their work toward completion a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Students will complete courses in mathematics, science, and engineering before applying to another REPP participant school.

REPP participant schools include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, the University of Georgia and Mercer University.  In addition, GSW has separate transfer guidelines with the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University, which allows our pre-engineering students to continue their education outside the State of Georgia if they choose to do so.

Please note that successful completion of courses at GSW does not guarantee transfer admission to an engineering program at a REPP participant school.


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Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program (REPP)

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Upon successful completion of mathematics, science, and engineering course requirements at GSW, students may be admitted to participating schools to complete an Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

Admission Requirements for REPP Programs

Georgia Institute of Technology

Upon successful completion of mathematics, science, and engineering course requirements at GSW, students may be admitted to Georgia Tech to complete an Engineering bachelor's degree.

  • Students must meet REPP institution and Georgia Tech admission requirements. Georgia Tech admissions requirements must be met at the time they submit their transfer application to Georgia Tech.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at GSW prior to transferring to Georgia Tech (the recommended total is 60 credit hours). These transfer credit hours must include courses that are part of the Georgia Tech course requirements for transfer and must be completed post high school graduation.
  • No more than one math or lab science course requirement may be in progress at the document deadline (spring and summer term applicants only).
  • Students not enrolled within GSW for more than two consecutive semesters must re- enroll for a minimum of one semester prior to their REPP application to Georgia Tech.

Details about the admission requirements for specific majors can be found on the Georgia Tech College of Engineering website.

Georgia Southern University

Students must apply for admission to Georgia Southern during the application filing period for the semester in which they wish to transfer. They must satisfy general admission requirements for Georgia Southern, including being in good standing at GSW at the time of transfer.

  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours (the recommended total is 60 credit hours) from a list of approved transfer courses with grades of at least a “C” and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in those courses at the time of transfer. The REPP Coordinator at GSW will meet with the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT) Director of Transfer and Co-op Programs to agree upon a set of approved courses specific to that institution.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA, math GPA, science GPA and engineering GPA of at least 2.5 at the time of transfer.
  • Other general education core curriculum transfer credits will be accepted based on the transfer rules established by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

For more information please consult the following website:

Kennesaw State University

Students must meet transfer student admission requirements; complete the appropriate courses for the major in a published curriculum chart with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) and a GPA in math and science courses of 2.7.

For more information please consult:

Mercer University

Students who transfer into the School of Engineering must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in all college enrollments. In addition, students must also have a 2.5 GPA or higher in all college mathematics, science, and engineering courses (excluding developmental mathematics courses). They must also be in good standing, that is, not on warning, probation, suspension, or equivalent. The School of Engineering will consider transfer students at any stage in their education after successfully completing Calculus I (MAT191).

Transfer students who seek full admission to the School of Engineering BSE degree program must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in all college enrollments.
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher in all degree relevant college math, science and engineering courses attempted. Courses are considered degree relevant only if they could be used (were an appropriate grade earned) to satisfy degree requirements in the specialization or program to which the student is seeking transfer admission. For the purpose of this computation, all attempts or individual courses are included.
  • Have completed courses the following courses at GSW: CHEM 1211 (General Chemistry I), PHYS 2211 (Principles of Physics I), MATH 1120 (Calculus I), MATH 2221 (Calculus II).
  • Be in good standing at GSW prior to transfer, that is, not on warning, probation, suspension, or the equivalent.

Conditional admission for transfer students to the BSE degree program is possible for students who have completed a course which transfers as MAT 191 (MATH 1120 at GSW) and have not yet completed CHM 111 (CHEM 1211), PHY 161 (PHYS 2211), and MAT 192 (MATH 2221), but who are otherwise eligible. For more information, please consult Mercer's website.

University of Georgia

Students from GSW may be admitted to the University of Georgia to complete any one of the eight Engineering bachelor's degree programs. Students must submit the regular transfer admission application form along with a recommendation form from the GSW REPP Coordinator. The criteria for transfer students include the following:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 college credit hours after high school.
  • Must meet REPP institution and University of Georgia admission requirements at the time of application.
  • One completed college course in math and/or laboratory science.
  • If applicable, must meet High-Demand-Major requirements for the intended degree.

More details about the admission requirements for specific majors can be found on the University of Georgia College of Engineering website.

Auburn University

Students must apply for admission to Auburn University and must satisfy all general admission requirements at the time of transfer. The criteria for transfer students include the following:

  • Must have completed 30 or more semester credit hours at GSW.
  • Must have obtained a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Must have completed the required core courses: ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, mathematics courses, history courses, and natural science courses with laboratories.
More details about the engineering program at Auburn can be found at the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering website: