Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English allows considerable flexibility for students to choose their major classes. Students may choose the Literature option or the Professional Writing Option, both of which require a major core of literature and writing classes. In the Literature concentration, which includes courses and texts in American, British, and international literature, you will read a broad range of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poems involving a variety of authors, periods, and intellectual currents. You will explore major authors and literary works, the relationship between the literature and its target audience, literary characters from a variety of different backgrounds, and the symbolic language of literature. In the Professional Writing concentration, which spans ancient rhetoric to modern writing studies, you will learn theories, skills, and conventions related to academic, business, creative, journalistic, scientific, and technical writing. You will develop competence in rhetorical elements, professional communication, teaching of writing, creative writing, interpretation of texts and visuals, workplace genres, and editing and style. In addition, students in each concentration can take elective courses in the other, giving you the opportunity for a well-rounded education that prepares you for world citizenship and a promising career.

Graduates can find career opportunities such as:

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching
  • Technical Writing
  • Education
  • Graduate School
  • Creative Writing


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Bachelor of Arts in English

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Two Tracks

Literature Concentration

Course Course Title
ENGL 4120 Shakespeare
ENGL American Literature (pre 1865)
ENGL American Literature (post 1865)
ENGL British Literature (pre 1785)
ENGL British Literature (post 1785)

Professional Writing Concentration

Course Course Title
ENGL 3240 or 3270 Technical Writing or Reports
ENGL 4300 or 4310 Risk or Communication in Org.
ENGL 4025 or 4035 Teaching and Tutoring or Rhetoric
ENGL 4070 or 4360 Editing or Style


Additionally, one of the following courses:

ENGL 3250 Writing Fiction
ENGL 3260 Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 3380 Songwriting and Poetry

Minors in English and Spanish

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of communication skills in every area of endeavor. Responding to the growing demand for effective communications, the department has established a minor field of study in English with literature and professional writing tracks. This minor complements a variety of majors in business, as well as technical and social services.

With increasing trade among countries, competency in a second language can be a key factor in the successful attainment of a position in business, public relations, commerce, or government. The Department offers a minor in Spanish. Each minor track requires a minimum of 18 hours and each course must be completed with a grade of C or better.

English Minor      Spanish Minor

As an English major, I've learned how to think critically, analyze things effectively, communicate more efficiently, and a ton of other things that I believe are invaluable life skills and can be useful in jobs, hobbies, relationships, and countless other pursuits.

Lola Carr English Major