Bachelor of Arts in History

History focuses on humanity in action and in thought, as well as humanity's relationship to the earth and the allocation of its resources, historically, at present, and in the future. The general study of this field provides that broad base which is essential for effective functioning in humanistic areas. Specialized study in specific social science areas may lead to careers in teaching, governmental services, public information, business, the legal profession, or simply provide the broad based liberal arts education fundamental to a fuller understanding of life, whatever the specific career choice. History accepts the particular challenge of promoting awareness of our cultural heritage and the responsibilities of citizenship within a democratic society and the world community. The department encourages self-realization, intellectual inquiry, and the examination of personal and professional values. The activities of the department also encourage the discovery and study of those societal needs which may be effectively addressed in an academic setting.

Graduates can find career opportunities such as:

  • Lawyer/Paralegal
  • Historian
  • Legislative Staff Work
  • Historic Sites & Museums
  • Historic Preservation
  • Librarian
  • Federal/State Agencies
  • Archivists & Records Managers
  • Education
  • Litigation Support
  • Foundations & Nonprofit Development
  • Sales Staff & Management


Program Curriculum


Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Arts in History

Business, History & Political Science Building


Monday – Friday: 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Faculty & Staff


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Program Details

This program offers a strong major, opportunity for complementary work in a minor, and a foreign language requirement. It is a good background for graduate/law/divinity school or preparation for careers which require breadth of knowledge and informed perspective (as journalism, public relations, etc.), as well as those which draw more directly on the major field (as research/analysis services, historic site management, etc.). It enables students to develop writing and analytical skills useful in business and professional careers. This degree requires completion of a minor or an approved certificate program.

I enjoy the small teacher to student ratio. I attended a high school with a small student to teacher ratio, as well, which made the transition to the college course load easier.

Mary Katherine McGarr History Major
Cordele, Georgia