Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Political Science is a means to understand politics or, in other words, the processes, activities, and behaviors that occur across the political system and its components. Political science is a method of critical thinking that enables identifying not only the empirical and normative questions about politics but answering them. Specifically, to this end, political science as a discipline has three goals. Political science first seeks to describe and reveal political phenomena. The discipline’s second goal seeks to explain why phenomena occur by creating theories and models. After describing what political phenomena is occurring and why, the third goal is to evaluate political processes against some normative standards of judgment.

Graduates of the Political Science program can find career opportunities such as:

  • Lawyer/Paralegal
  • Intelligence Analysts & Diplomatic work
  • Legislative Staff Work
  • Political activism: Advising & Leadership
  • Social Work
  • Federal/State Agencies
  • Education
  • Litigation Support
  • Foundations & Nonprofit Development
  • Sales Staff & Management


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Bachelor of Science in Political Science

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Similar to the B.A., this B.S. program has a strong major, and opportunity for a minor, but it offers a wider elective option through the elimination of the foreign language requirement. It is also an appropriate preparation for graduate school and especially for law school. It provides the background for careers which need the informed perspective of a liberal arts degree (as journalism, public relations, etc.). It is a more direct preparation for career fields which draw more directly on the major field (as legislative aide, political action, community service, etc.). Students develop writing and analytical skills useful in business and professional careers. For more information, please see the Curriculum Sheets and Requirements for the B.S. in Political Science. This degree requires completion of a minor or an approved certificate program.

Since law schools prescribe no set curriculum as a prerequisite for admission, students may major in almost any degree program in preparation for law school. Some curricula are particularly recommended, such as political science, history, English, etc. Each of these curricula will have a separate advisor. However, the student interested in law school should also consult with the "Pre-law Advisor" within the Department of History and Political Science. The Pre-law Advisor will have information on law school admission policies, Law School Aptitude Test applications and administration dates, scholarships, law school catalogs, etc. For more information, please contact Dr. Brian Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science at or 229-931-2080.

I wanted to attend a University that would truly understand and cultivate my goals and after attending the 2018 Scholar’s Day, I realized that GSW was just that place for me.

Makayla Graham Political Science Major (Pre-Law)
Atlanta, Georgia