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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Courses in the B.S. in Mathematics program provide core preparation for each option, which has a specific applied focus, and prepares students for graduate work in an area with great career potential. Students have the option of choosing the B.S. in Mathematics or B.S. in Mathematics with a Computational Science and Engineering Concentration. 

Graduates can find career opportunities such as:


Program Curriculum          Minor Curriculum

Benefits of a Career in Mathematics

When choosing a career in mathematics, students can expect opportunities that are challenging, diverse, and offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Flexibility and versatile skills to pursue a variety of career paths and/or advanced education
  • Average starting salaries are generously higher than careers in other fields
  • Ability to join a fast-growing industry in technology with steady growth for job opportunities

Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Crawford Wheatley Hall

Dr. Kailash Ghimire, Department Chair

Faculty & Staff

Math Student

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Computational Science and Engineering Option

Course Course Title
MATH 2222 Calculus III
MATH 3313 Differential Equations
MATH 3316 Analysis I
MATH 3317 Analysis II
MATH 3325  Math Statistics
MATH 4440 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 4458 Comp Science & Engineering I
MATH 4459  Comp Science & Engineering II
Select Two of the Following:
MATH 4442 Complex Analysis
MATH 4495 Math Prep for Grad Sch. (Required)
Math 4499 Senior Honors Thesis

I am especially grateful to GSW’s [Chemistry, Geology and Physics] department and STEM programs and the academic traditions they represent.

Ian Wynn Math & Geology Double Major, Chemistry Minor
Plains, Georgia