Certificate in Digital Media Technology

The primary goal of this certificate is to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the digital design and multimedia industry. The program develops technical skills through practical applications that employ current and emerging standards and technologies in audio-video production, computer Interfacing and configuration, humancomputer Interaction, and mass media.

Undergraduate Certificate

Digital Media Technology

Jackson Hall


Monday – Friday 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Faculty & Staff

Select 6 Courses for Digital Media Technology Certificate

Course Course Title
CIS 2010 Audio-Video Production Tech. I
CIS 3020 Audio-Video Production Tech. II
CIS 2100 Computer Interfacing & Config
PSYC 3340 Mass Media Influences
MKTG 3800 Principles of Marketing
COMM 4080 Studies in New Media
CSCI 4320 Human Computer Interaction