Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology explores issues like the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, why people behave the way they do, and how thinking, memory, and language work.

The B.S. degree in Psychology is designed to introduce the students to the scientific evaluation of psychological theory and to familiarize them with the application of fundamental principles of behavior. It will provide a broad background for those who desire to pursue an advanced degree in the behavioral sciences or those who aspire to a career in social service.

The major professional opportunities for a person in the B.S. degree program in Psychology are to be found in social service areas of the public sector. Many students with this degree find employment with the State Department of Family & Children Services, the Department of Offender Rehabilitation, Juvenile Courts, and various mental health/mental retardation agencies operated by the State Department of Human Resources. Other opportunities exist with federal agencies such as the Department of Labor and Social Security. Particular job titles with these agencies include Social Work Technician, Social Worker, Pension Counselor, Behavioral Specialist, Mental Health Technician, Counselor, and Probation Officer.


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Bachelor of Science in Psychology


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A minor in Psychology offers a secondary concentration in the discipline for non-major students. 

I chose GSW because of the close connection we have on campus here. We are a family who can easily interact with each other on a close level. It makes us proud to be a Cane.

Lorelle Carey Gwinnett County, Georgia
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