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School Psychology Certificate

Georgia Southwestern offers a School Psychology Certificate, which is designed to provide students with some knowledge and background in the psychological concepts related to school psychology. School psychologists provide support and interventions to students; consult with teachers, families, and other professionals to improve support strategies and coordinate needed services. This 18-hour certificate is open to all students (including psychology majors). It does not lead to any professional licensure or guarantee acceptance into a graduate School Psychology program; however, it will be beneficial to students who pursue that path.


Certificate Curriculum


Course Course Title
PSYC 3320 Child Psychology
PSYC 3331 Intro to Psychology Testing
PSYC 3332 Adolescent Development
PSYC 4401 Abnormal Psychology
Select at least 2 courses from below
PSYC 4402 Behavior Mod.
PSYC 4403 Emerging Problems of Children
PSYC 4405 Theo/Tech Counseling
PSYC 4492 Psychology Internship

Undergraduate Certificate

School Psychology


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