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Steppingblocks Digital Career Counselor

Career Planning at Your Fingertips

Georgia Southwestern now offers students the digital Career Counselor through Steppingblocks, an additional resource for planning career goals. This application gives students simple tools to help navigate their decisions on academic majors and future career choices. By completing a short personality quiz, students are given recommendations for majors and career paths that best fit personalities. Digital Career Counselor will also cater articles and dashboard information to students based upon interests.



Access Career Counselor

Career Readiness

Career Counselor Resources

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Getting Started with Career Counselor


Logging In

Log in to Digital Career Counselor using CanesNet credentials.


Career Feed

Choose topics that interest you to fill the personalized career feed. 


Personality Quiz

Complete the Personality Quiz to see which academic program may be ideal for your career goals. 

Benefits of Career Counselor

The Digital Career Counselor offers users a variety of data and suggestions catered to their interests. Using data specific to Georgia Southwestern graduates,

  • Learn more about your personality traits and what jobs fit you best
  • See how other GSW graduates are performing with data such as salary, common careers, and frequent jobs titles.
  • Determine the return on investment for the cost of your education
  • Search your desired job title or company to pinpoint required skills, preferred education, and other details

Search Millions of Career Paths

Explore careers by categories such as job title, high beginning salary, high-demand, and remote possibilities. Digital Career Explorer allows students to see accurate data of availabilities by career or by major. Students can gather an immense understanding of current trends in the field and know what to expect upon graduation.


Want to Learn More?

Watch this 3 minute video to get started with SteppingBlocks' Career Counselor today!