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Elementary Education

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Elementary Education

The student who specializes in Elementary Education has career options in a variety of settings: public and private schools, agencies, community programs, child care, and private enterprise. With advanced training, supervisory and administrative positions are available. Students who plan to teach in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade (P-5) must enroll in this program to obtain certification.


Program Curriculum

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Education

Education Center

Jennifer Dickens, M.Ed.

Faculty & Staff

Elementary Education

Ready to shape lives in your classroom and community?

Admission Requirements

Core curriculum requirements should be completed during the first two years of college study. Candidates must meet the General Core Curriculum requirements as established by the University and the College of Education.

Admission to Teacher Education: Admission to Teacher Education is required for a candidate to enroll in all 3000-4000 level program courses. A grade of C or higher is required in each professional and teaching field course, and an institution grade point average of 2.5 is required for both Student Teaching and graduation.

Academic Concentrations

The Elementary Education program requires the completion of a concentration in Reading and Mathematics.


Required Language Arts Courses
EDRG 3020 Language Arts
EDRG 3160 Strategies of Teaching Early Literacy
EDRG 3280 Literature for Children
EDRG 3260 Strategies of Teaching Intermedite Literature
Required Mathematics Courses
EDEC 3100 Elementary Education Math Methods
MATH 2008 Foundations of Numbers & Operations
MATH 3002 Geometry for Teachers
MATH 3003 Proabability & Statistics for Teachers
MATH 4490 History & Philosophy of Math


The Elementary Education professional sequence enables students to develop understanding and abilities that are essential for teaching young students.


Course Sequence       Course Rotations

The way Mrs. Dickens relates back to the classroom, gives us real world examples and keeps it real with us has only provided us that much more confidence as we continue on in the program before graduating and having our own classrooms.

Alicia Adams Elementary Education Major
New Bern, North Carolina