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Endorsement in

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Endorsement

The Exercise Physiology Endorsement, a 9 credit-hour stand-alone program, is designed to encourage a deeper understanding of exercise physiology, including both the fundamentals of the science and the application to various healthy and clinical populations.

Courses are designed for aspiring or practicing Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Specialists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Rehabilitation Technicians, and Fitness & Wellness Trainers.

Program Curriculum

Program Details

After completion of the certificate requirements, the student will:

  • have an applicable understanding of exercise physiology in relation to training, recovery, and rehabilitation.
  • be able to assess health/fitness status, conduct testing, and prescribe/administer exercise programs across various populations.
  • have an applicable understanding of exercise-related concerns and interventions in various clinical populations.
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Exercise Physiology Endorsement

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