Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program is focused on providing a comprehensive education for exercise, movement, and rehabilitation related careers through a progressive learning environment that promotes student engagement in scholarship and community leadership. Students majoring in Exercise Science will acquire both the foundational scientific background and the practical professional skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic health-care environment and/or enter post-baccalaureate programs in human performance/exercise science or allied health fields.

Potential career pathways:

  • Personal fitness training
  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Entry educational preparation for graduate education as a pre-health professional (e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, athletic trainer)


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Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

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Faculty & Staff

Exercise Science Students

Students will be required to complete two practical field experiences, practicum and an internship, to provide a hands-on experience.

Field Experience

For graduation from the Exercise Science degree, students will be required to complete two practical field experiences, Practicum (4 credit hours) and Internship (12 credit hours).  Practicum is recommended to be completed during junior year and is intended to give students practical experience in and initial exposure to their intended career field.  Internship is a capstone experience, requiring significant field-hours, to be taken by soon-graduating seniors. 

Once your academic advisor has approved your site selection, you must bring the completed clinical initiation form to the clinical service manager (CSM) by the deadlines shown below. The CSM will determine the credentialing requirements (eg. drug test, CPR certification, immunizations, etc.) of your chosen agency. All students must maintain liability insurance during their Field Experience.

Students in the internship/practicum experience must carry liability insurance. The semester prior to the internship/practicum, students should access the insurance site at, then click on "individuals", then click on "professional liability", then click on "student". Students need to be prepared to pay with a debit or credit card that has their name on the card and insurance proof is available within 24 hours. If the student is not prepared to pay in this manner, they must download the paper copy and submit as instructed which may take up to two weeks to process.


Clinical Initiation Form

Practicum / Internship Requirements

Approval of Site

Meet with your faculty adviser for approval of your site choice.  It is strongly suggested that you start this process at least 5-6 months prior to the time you intend to start your practicum or internship.

Clinical Initiation

Bring in your signed Clinical Initiation Form to the Clinical Service Manager (CSM).
See Mrs. Tiffany Battle (Clinical Service Manager) in College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Room 134

Deadlines for submitting Clinical Initiation Form
  • October 1 for Spring Semester (August 15th, if a contract is not already in place)
  • March 1 for Summer Semester (January 15th, if a contract is not already in place)
  • June 1 for Fall Semester (April 15th, if a contract is not already in place)

Submit Requirements

CSM will determine facility requirements and notify student of requirements and if application to ACEMAPP is needed:

  • If ACEMAPP is required student will submit requirements via ACEMAPP prior to deadline
  • If ACEMAPP is not required student will submit requirements to CSM prior to deadline