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Office of

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety is dedicated to building an environment that promotes a feeling of safety and security. The Office of Public Safety is a state certified law enforcement agency, responsible for the protection of life and property on Georgia Southwestern State University campus. 

Our Public Safety Officers protect life and property, preserve the peace, prevent and repress crime, investigate reported offenses, apprehend offenders, enforce regulations and laws relating to traffic control, collect and preserve physical evidence, prepare cases for court prosecution or disciplinary action, recover lost and stolen property, provide general police services to the University community, and establish and maintain an enforcement policy which is consistent with the requirements of the law and with the best traditions of a democratic society.


Campus Parking

The Clery Act / Crime Statistics

Area Beat

Medical Amnesty Law

Campus Carry

Max Gruver Act Public Disclosures

Services Offered

Our team of dedicated officers is committed to serving the GSW community by offering the following services:

  • Campus Patrol
  • Traffic and Parking Enforcement
  • Escorts
  • Vehicle Assistance
  • Safety Programs
  • Event Security


The Office of Public Safety is an accredited law enforcement agency responsible for the protection of life and property on Georgia Southwestern State University campus. Areas within the office include Administration, Patrol, Support Staff, and Training. The office operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The office strictly enforces the University's Drug Free Campus Policy. After reviewing our Campus Crime Statistics, we would like to invite you to view and compare National Campus Crime statistics.

Parking Permit Registration


Office of Public Safety

Nicholas Smarr and Jody Smith Memorial Building

229-931-2245 phone
229-931-2711 fax

Sunday - Saturday: 24/7


Have Alerts at Your Fingertips
The Alertus Mobile Recipient App allows end users to receive push notifications from the Alertus System and offers a panic button feature so users can quickly and easily send incident reports to emergency managers.
Alertus App Information


The mission of Georgia Southwestern State University Campus Police Department is to enhance the quality of life by providing a secure and safe environment through professional service to the College community.

We of the Georgia Southwestern State University Campus Police Department recognize our contribution to the quality of life and a safe environment for our community through the provision of professional law enforcement services. We will meet the challenge of providing these services by basing our thoughts and actions on the following shared values.

Integrity - We value candor, honesty and ethical behavior in members of our department. We are committed to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards as set forth in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Responsibility and Accountability - We value the need for effective use of our resources and to provide a spirit of openness in communications with our community. We will be responsible for our actions, willing to admit our mistakes and ensure that our behavior earns the support and trust of all segments of the community.

Professionalism - We value professionalism through our clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction. Professionalism is developed by creating an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation and constant evaluation of ourselves. Our professional attitude is dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service to the community.

Pride and Satisfaction in Our Profession - We believe our work to be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction. We are proud of our accomplishments as an integral part of the Georgia Southwestern State University community. We enjoy what we have chosen to do, serving the law enforcement profession at Georgia Southwestern State University Campus Police Department. 

It is our vision to maintain and enhance the confidence and trust of those we serve, while continually expanding and strengthening our partnerships with the students, faculty, and staff of Georgia Southwestern State University and the employees of this department, in identifying problems, developing solutions, and establishing realistic priorities and policies


Georgia law provides University and Campus Police arrest powers for offenses committed upon University System property and includes jurisdiction over offenses committed upon any public or private property within 500 yards of any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The law enforcement efforts of the Georgia Southwestern Office of Public Safety will generally be confined to properties of Georgia Southwestern State University. Jurisdictional authority for property within 500 yards of any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System will be utilized only at the request of other agencies having original jurisdiction, or in a situation jeopardizing the life and property safety, or in other emergency situations.
Students must visit Public Safety in order to receive their parking decals required to park on campus.
Public Safety Officer