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Tuition Waivers

Waivers are for students who do not meet the qualifications for a Georgia-resident status. However, the Board of Regents has defined situations whereby a student may still be eligible for in-state tuition and fees for a 12-month period.

These waivers cover the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees for 12 months. Students are not automatically classified as residents of the State of Georgia, and their waiver eligibility must be reviewed annually when eligible. Employment-related Visa holder students must present valid immigration documents with their application.

Requests for tuition waivers must be received no later than the last day to pay fees for the term for which the out-of-state tuition is to be waived. Submit your form with all supporting documentation at one time.

The following waivers are granted by Georgia Southwestern State University.

Petition for Classification as In-State for Tuition Purposes

Georgia Residency Petition


Out of State Tuition Differential Waiver Forms
For undergraduate students and their dependent children living in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee
For career consular officers, their spouse, and their dependent children stationed and living in Georgia under orders of their respective governments
For students that have accepted full-time self sustaining employment in Georgia
For students that are working full-time at a Georgia public school, their spouses and their dependent children
For students that live outside of the United States. Applicants must have at least a 2.50 GPA
For military personnel, their spouses, and their dependent children stationed in or assigned to Georgia and on active duty
For Nation Guard members, their spouses and their dependent children
For students that can provide evidence of a parent living in Georgia for 12 months
For out-of-state applicants that have outstanding academic profiles
For those that can provide documentation supporting that his or her separation from the military has occurred within the last 12 months
Waives tuition for legal residents of Georgia that are 62 or older
For those that are working full-time at a USG school and their dependent children