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Report an Incident

If you need to report an emergency, call 911. For immediate assistance, please contact the GSW Office of Campus Safety at (229) 931-2245.

Student-related incidents involving discrimination, bias or harassment may be reported to the University in person or online using the form below.

  • To report a student-related incident in person, please visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities located in the Student Success Center (SSC) 3rd floor.
  • Incidents involving GSW community members who are not students may report in person through the Department of Human Resources located in the Marshall Student Center or online.

Reports will be reviewed to determine next steps which may include further investigation or disciplinary action, when appropriate. A group of University representatives from the Council on Diversity and Behavioral Intervention Team will seek corrective measures that include outreach, dialog, education, and other related action to foster individual growth and community. Reported incidents may require following procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook, or Faculty Handbook. The determination of direction is at the discretion of the University. A staff member may contact you to gather additional information and/or provide support and campus resources to you.

  • Incident - Georgia Southwestern students, faculty, and staff should report any concerning incidents involving students that engage in almost any non-academic behavior that violates the Code of Conduct as stated in the Student Handbook. 
  • See Something / Say SomethingConcerns regarding physical, emotional, or mental well-being of any member of the Georgia Southwestern community or if you believe that anyone may be a harm to him/herself or others. This concern may include signs of high anxiety or depression, mis-use of alcohol or substances, uncharacteristic behavior, or signs of suicidal thoughts or thoughts that may lead to harm of ones self or others.
  • Sexual Misconduct - Report any incident that you believe to be related to sexual misconduct, including assault, dating violence, stalking, harassment, or other behavioral concerns that you believe to be rooted in sexual relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.