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Residence Life

A Community of Your Own

Living at Georgia Southwestern offers students a complete on-campus college experience. A variety of residence hall options including suites and apartments are available to fit the needs of all students. Our small campus size allows students to build a sense of community amongst peers while learning beyond the classroom walls. 

Our close-to-home location allows students to be within reach of everything needed without being overwhelming. 


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Georgia Southwestern takes pride in providing a great atmosphere while living on campus. GSW was recently rated in the top tier for Best Residence Halls in the state of Georgia for 2023. None of our halls have communal restrooms and offer the privacy you need for a wholesome experience during your studies. 

GSW Points of Pride

Our mission as the Department of Residential and Campus Life is to provide an environment that enforces a supportive community who is consistently engaging students, faculty, and staff in a robust campus life through purposeful interactions.

The Vision of Residential Life is to:

  1. Inspire an environment that stimulates a sense of civic responsibility
  2. Support the University's mission of collaboration and community engagement
  3. Foster a sense of pride within residential living and campus life

Being a RL provides opportunities to develop valuable leadership and communication skills by shaping an environment that supports students' academic and personal development, making connections that will last a lifetime, and most importantly defining yourself.

The RL position is a critical role to the Department of Residence Life. We want to ensure RLs have the skills, interests, and experiences that will prepare them to thrive in this challenging and enjoyable position.

RLs are part of the Canes Leading Canes (CLC) application process that happens in the fall semester.  If you’re interested in applying, talk to your RL about it!

Housing Application

The 2023-24 Housing Application is now open! If you plan on living on campus next year, you'll need to complete the housing application. 

To begin the Housing Application, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the application link above.
  • Click GSW - Student SSO Login
  • Enter Your CanesNet credentials
  • Select the Housing Application tab, which will take you to available housing applications

Need More Assistance?


How do I get a parking permit?

After your tuition has been paid, your parking permit will be available through the Office of Public Safety located in the Nicholas Smarr and Jody Smith Memorial Building

What do you recommend I pack for my residence hall?

Packing is always stressful. We have compiled a list of recommended items to make you feel more at home in your residence hall.

Can I access a computer on campus?

Yes! There are computers located across campus at the library and in computer labs available for student use. For personal devices, we've compiled recommendations that will ensure the best experience during your college journey.

How do I change rooms or transfer halls?

If a vacancy exists and your reason is legitimate, a room change may be granted. Start the process by talking to your Residence Leader (RL).

My favorite spot on campus is The Pods because the seating and tranquility of the area is perfect. I have a favorite rocking chair that I always use for lunch. I have another favorite chair that I use for lounging, no matter what event is happening.

Ty'ina Moore Psychology
Donalsonville, Georgia