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There are a number of brand resources available online for faculty and staff including PowerPoint templates, GSW's Brand Thesaurus, and Style Guide. These items offer a cohesive style and graphic elements that establish a consistent look and feel across every piece.

Templates and Guides

Style Guide

PowerPoint Templates

GSW Brand Thesaurus

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Our logo and branding, when applied correctly and consistently, enable us to project a strong, consistent identity for GSW and prevent confusion among our audiences. Proper use of the University’s logos and branding enhances and reinforces our image as a quality educational institution.

  • The Style Guide is an essential resources for logo usage, brand guidelines, and material specifications.
  • GSW PowerPoint templates, available in 9x16, ensure your presentations include our GSW logo, colors, and branding. By providing a bold and unified GSW image at lectures, conferences and meetings, we capitalize on the power of our unique brand.
  • The Brand Thesaurus includes language pulled from our Brand Position and Brand Manifesto. This includes a list of nouns, adjectives, verbs, phrases and synonyms that are frequently used in our brand messaging. This is a great resource to reference when writing social media posts, creating marketing materials, or drafting pitches to prospective students or donors.


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