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Returning Student

Students who have previously attended and earned credit at GSW but have not taken classes in one calendar year or longer are considered Returning (Re-Admit) Students.

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How to Apply


Submit Re-admission Application

Complete the Request for Re-Admission online. Once processed, you will receive email communication from the Office of the Registrar.


Submit Documents

Submit any outstanding documentation such as updated Lawful Presence, necessary payments, etc.


Check Your Email

We will send a variety of emails to notify you of your acceptance and allow accepted students the opportunity to register for housing, classes, and more.

Once Accepted

Make sure to complete the following items before you can begin registering for classes:

Need a Refresher?

Check out the Online Orientation for a refresher on campus operations and details.

GSW Student ID Lookup

Returning students can use the Student ID Lookup to find their previous ID number to activate their Radar Student Email.

Contact Your Advisor

Once re-admitted, contact and meet with your advisor to remove any advising holds and get back on track for graduation.

Schedule of Classes

View classes available for registration in your desired semester to plan for your upcoming schedule.


Register for your desired classes once re-admittance is granted, you have met with your advisor, and any holds have been removed.

I want anyone who has ever failed in his or her life (and honestly, that's all of us at some point) to know it's never too late to rise up in the face of hard challenges and adversity. And you're never too old to dream and achieve.

Robert Hughey, '21 English
Augusta, Georgia