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Double Canes Program


2 degrees in 5 years or less!

The Double Canes program allows high-achieving GSW students to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in five years or less, saving time and money. Students will accelerate their progress and can earn a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in five years or less by taking up to 12 hours of MBA courses during the final two years of undergraduate studies. 

The Double Canes program is particularly suited to business majors as well as students majoring in a STEM discipline, including computer science, math, life sciences, physical sciences, and all of the healthcare professions.

Undergraduate Enrollment in MBA Courses

A student with junior or senior standing at Georgia Southwestern with an overall academic GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply for the Double Canes program using the link below. Registration for MBA courses during the final two years of undergraduate work are subject to the following criteria:

  • Up to 12 hours of graduate credit may be earned while an undergraduate
  • Up to two graduate courses per semester and a total of 15 hours per semester may be taken by undergraduate students
  • MBA courses taken in the Double Canes program will count towards undergraduate degree requirements as well as MBA degree requirements if accepted into the MBA program


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College of Business and Computing

Carol C. Bishop, DBA
Associate Professor, Double Canes Director


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How many MBA courses can I take as an undergraduate student?

You can take up to 12 hours of MBA courses as an undergraduate student.  These hours can count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements.  Contact your undergraduate advisor and the MBA Director for specifics.

How does the Double Canes program save time and money?

Undergraduate students in the Double Canes program pay the undergraduate tuition rate. Plus, MBA classes taken while an undergraduate count towards both degrees - saving you up to one semester.

Who can apply to the Double Canes program?

All current undergraduate GSW students from all majors may apply for the Double Canes program.

What are the requirements for admission to the Double Canes program?

Students admitted to the program must have a 3.00 overall GPA, including all courses that count toward their undergraduate degree. The GMAT/GRE requirement and recommendation forms are waived for Double Canes students. The following pre-requisite classes are required prior to taking MBA classes – Principles of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Statistics. You may apply to the program before completing the pre-requisites.

Am I guaranteed admission into the MBA program if I am accepted into the Double Canes program?

You may apply to the MBA program after earning your bachelor's degree. Applicants with a 3.25 overall GPA receive priority.

What undergraduate course requirements can be satisfied by MBA classes?

The list of MBA classes is shown below. There are eight required courses plus two elective courses from the list of electives for a total of 30 credit hours. Each of the MBA classes can satisfy either the Free Elective requirement or the Business Elective requirement toward the undergraduate degree. In addition, the MBA classes can satisfy the requirements listed in the other column.


MBA Course Undergraduate Course Satisfied
Required MBA Classes
BUSA 6160 ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics (Area F)
BUSA 6120 MKTG  4890 Marketing Management
BUSA 6140 BUSA 3150 Business Finance
BUSA 6170 BUSA 3060 Quantitative Management
BUSA 6180 MGNT 3650 International Business
BUSA 6200 Accounting Elective (major area for BBA Acct)
BUSA 6540 General Elective
BUSA 6600 MGNT 4190 Strategic Management
Elective MBA Classes
BUSA 6150 HRMT 4790 Current Issues in HR
BUSA 6110  General Business Elective
BUSA 6130 General Business Elective
BUSA 6190 General Business Elective
BUSA 6050 General Business Elective
BUSA 6550 MGNT 4260 Small Bus / Entre (major area for BBA Mgt)

"I have always wanted to complete an MBA. The Double Canes program will help me with the cost, and I will be able to get my masters faster."

Richard Ware, 22 Management, MBA
Albany, GA