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Bachelor of Business Administration

Human Resource Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

Offered on-campus and completely online, Georgia Southwestern's Human Resources Management degree is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of human resource functions, including resource planning, recruitment, training, labor relations, performance management, and policy development. Our program prepares you to address challenges faced by modern organizations. As the workplace undergoes unprecedented changes, our curriculum emphasizes strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of workforce changes and virtual work environments. From productivity strategies to addressing diversity issues and employment law, we provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic field of human resources. Join us and become a strategic partner capable of driving success in the ever-changing world of HR.

You will have the opportunity to participate in real-life projects and experiences that put into practice the concepts taught and learn from others already within the field. Potential careers in the field of Human Resource may be:

Program Details

Hands-on projects will challenge students to draw from classwork and personal experiences in order to deliver a practical and effective product. In the capstone course students will present a project to working HR professionals for realistic feedback before beginning their career or further enhance knowledge in the current workplace. Our professors work closely with the Society of Human Resource Management to align our courses with employer expectations and required competencies, so courses develop employer desired skills. Through engaging coursework, students can expect to:

  • Apply overall business knowledge, reflective practices, and ethical leadership skills that drive learning and self-improvement
  • Develop and conduct interviews for various job levels, and make recommendations to the interviewees designed to help them improve their skill set
  • Apply knowledge of human behavior, labor relations, and current laws and regulations to produce a working environment that is safe, fair, and compliant with regulations
  • Create, implement, and assess training, development, and rewards programs that foster employee and organizational learning and development
  • Recognize the diversity of cultures and worldviews that inform human behavior and respond constructively to differences in workplaces, communities, and organizations
  • Create and administer performance management systems
  • Identify and use technology to research, collect, analyze, and interpret data and effectively communicate information in a professional manner

Need Online Flexibility?

Georgia Southwestern understands the importance of flexibility when it comes to education. Students have the opportunity to pursue our accredited, affordable Human Resource Management program on-campus or 100% online! This allows working professionals and international students alike the convenience to begin or elevate their careers at their own pace. 

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Student Testimonials

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I think GSW is special because it has a smaller student body that allows you to get really involved and find “your people” through that involvement. It also allows you to form personal relationships with faculty and staff who want to see and help you succeed as a student, person, and in your career path.

Lauren Shepard, '23 Human Resource Management
High Springs, Florida

Not only do we have the opportunities to get involved, we are also challenged in the classroom in a way that prepares us for the next phase of our lives.

Jamey Fowler, '21 Human Resource Management
Camilla, Georgia