Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Successful business managers are in demand and will remain so as the global business environment becomes more interconnected. The ability to think critically and a willingness to work independently are important factors in determining success in this field. A degree in Management from Georgia Southwestern will empower students to solve complex problems, develop strategies, plan and organized actions, and develop policies and procedures to guide an organization as it works toward its goals.

With a business management degree, students will have a broader understanding of the many facets of business operations. Graduates can find career opportunities such as:


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Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

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A management major provides the broad knowledge employers need, while giving you the option to specialize in many challenging and rewarding areas.

Curriculum Overview

A management degree is a solid foundation for any number of future business careers. Through engaging coursework, students can expect to:
  • Develop analytical skills for problem-solving and decision-making. Understand the psychology of judgment and decision-making process, frameworks that foster more effective decision-making, and techniques to influence and manage group decisions.
  • Interpret and evaluate financial data; understanding the relationship between finance and the broader organizational goals.
  • Explore methods for applying strategic thinking to move an organization toward specific goals with planning and resource allocation.
  • Develop skills in communication and interpersonal relationship in order to coordinate projects, build effective teams, and hone leadership skills.
  • Acquire a foundation of ethical principles that allow an organization to work effectively, respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and other backgrounds.


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I chose GSW because of the chance for more personal interaction with professors, the affordability, the closeness to home, and the fact that I had friends here.

Jacob Peed Management Major
Reynolds, Georgia