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Bachelor of Business Administration


Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

In today's interconnected global business landscape, there's a growing demand for adept business managers. Critical thinking skills and the ability to work autonomously are key to thriving in this dynamic environment. At Georgia Southwestern, our Management program equips students with the tools to tackle complex challenges, devise strategies, and efficiently organize actions. Through rigorous coursework, students develop the acumen to establish policies and procedures that steer organizations towards success. 

With a degree in Management, students gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse business operations, setting them up for success in the modern business world. Graduates can find career opportunities such as:


Program Details

A management degree is a solid foundation for any number of future business careers. Through engaging coursework, students can expect to:

  • Develop analytical skills for problem-solving and decision-making. Understand the psychology of judgment and decision-making process, frameworks that foster more effective decision-making, and techniques to influence and manage group decisions.
  • Interpret and evaluate financial data; understanding the relationship between finance and the broader organizational goals.
  • Explore methods for applying strategic thinking to move an organization toward specific goals with planning and resource allocation.
  • Develop skills in communication and interpersonal relationship in order to coordinate projects, build effective teams, and hone leadership skills.
  • Acquire a foundation of ethical principles that allow an organization to work effectively, respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and other backgrounds.

Prefer to Learn Online?

Georgia Southwestern understands the importance of flexibility when it comes to education. Students have the opportunity to pursue a degree in Management on-campus or completely online!

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

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