Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP)

GSW's College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers an excellent opportunity for a select number of exceptional high school students accepted to GSW who are interested in nursing. High school seniors are eligible to apply to GAP. New students admitted into the GAP receive a $1000 on-campus housing scholarship, which is renewable for one year.

GAP assures eligible students a place in our nursing program, providing they meet the required benchmarks during the program. GAP students are considered an important part of the pre-nursing program and as such are invited to join in activities held by GSWANS (GSW Association of Nursing Students). GSWANS is a great way to get to know your fellow students and faculty. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences also hosts a special meet and greet reception to help GAP students assimilate into nursing at GSW.

Admission to nursing programs is extremely competitive across the country. Students who choose to begin their college career at GSW are given the opportunity to apply for the GAP. Selection will be determined using high school GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and two references. GAP students are given priority over any other applicants.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Guaranteed Acceptance Program, please submit the following via email to

  • Completed GAP Application Form
  • Two academic references. One should be from a high school science teacher. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, reference forms will be accepted by anyone who is not an immediate family member. Reference forms may be completed by the reviewer and then emailed directly to
  • Due to COVID-19 and the waiving of SAT/ACT scores for 2021 applicants, GAP eligibility will be determined using only high school GPA and the above application materials for freshmen entering Summer/Fall 2021. Students must have a GPA of 3.25 to be eligible. The GPA calculation is completed by the Office of Recruitment and Admissions and is based on the 17 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) courses.
  • Applicants for Fall/Summer 2022 must meet the normal requirements below
    • Have Freshman Index (FI) of 2300 or greater.
      • The formulas to determine the student’s admission status are:  
        • Freshman Index based on SAT scores:  FI=High School Academic GPA x 500 + (1.06 x (SAT EBRW + SAT Math) - 74)
        • Freshman Index based on ACT scores:  FI=High School Academic GPA x 500 + (ACT composite X 42) + 88
        • Freshman Indexes of 2300-2599 will be required to attend mandatory help sessions.
        • Freshman Index is calculated using GPA and SAT/ACT scores.
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Don't Miss the Deadline!

Priority deadlines for GAP are March 1 and May 1, but applications will be taken until August 6th, 2021.


GAP Application

Personalized Attention

While completing the core curriculum at GSW, GAP students will be advised by a professional nursing advisor. This gives the student a mentor and helps them navigate the core so that they are on track for entrance to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences for the fall admission cycle.

Maintaining GAP Status

In order to continue consideration as a GAP student, students must:

  • Maintain continual fulltime enrollment in good standing with GSW between enrollment to the University and entrance to the Nursing Program.
  • Take all courses at GSW after enrollment at the University.
  • Meet all GSW College of Nursing and Health Sciences enrollment requirements and begin nursing program 2 years from university entrance. Those anticipating earlier application must meet with their advisor for individual study plan.
  • Attendance to GSW Nursing Storm Program may be mandatory depending on applicant's freshman index score. Students with scores of 2300-2599 will be required to attend these help sessions.
  • Submit completed Traditional BSN Application Form (no supporting documents needed) to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences by the published deadlines for the Traditional BSN Program.
  • Complete all courses in Areas A-F (excluding Area F elective).
  • Must have a grade of “C” or higher in Area A, Area C Literature course, Area D, and Area F.  Please remember a "C" is only a GPA of 2.0- you must have higher than this to achieve a 3.0.
  • Earn an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0/4.0. Calculation of GPA is based on grades in Area A, Area C Literature course, Area D, and Area F. If any of the applicable courses have been repeated, all attempts are included in this calculation.
  • Successful completion of the HESI A2 (minimum score of 75%) and order a HESI Transcript.

Don't Meet the Requirements?

High school seniors admitted to GSW as Beginning Freshmen who do not meet the GAP requirements or who are denied admission to the GAP Program will still be listed as “pre-nursing” majors and may apply to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences during their sophomore year at GSW.