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COBAC Annual Fund Campaign

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Connect with Business and Computing students by offering opportunities for our students to engage with your business or organization. This could be as simple as a field trip to explore the daily tasks within the office or offering an internship that would provide experiential learning in their desired field. 

Advance the potential of our students by supporting learner progression by providing supplies or upgrades that your business may offer. Technology upgrades such as computer programs and instructional whiteboards allow both business and computing students to increase knowledge in their respective fields. 

Transform a students future through scholarships and endowments. By replacing the stress of student loans and working multiple jobs – both of which impact the performance and success of our students – you are making the largest impact on an aspiring graduate as many of our students are first generation and seek additional funding to succeed during this pinnacle time of their young adulthood. Donations big and small make a great impact on the confidence of our students. 

Contribution Options

The University and its Advancement staff welcome contributions of any type and would be delighted to establish new funds. We welcome the following gifts:

  • Scholarship funding and endowments
  • Beyond the Classroom, Lead 10, and Employer Immersion Opportunities
  • Room naming and recognition of financial support
  • Technology upgrades and classroom supplies
  • Faculty Scholarship for Extended Learning
  • Internship opportunities
  • Industry visit field trips with networking opportunities with various organizations
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Beyond the Classroom
Employer Immersion
Lead 10
Faculty Scholarship

Beyond the Classroom activities provide collaborative events such as field trips, competitions, and academic conferences which foster growth and maturity in our students. Many Georgia Southwestern students are passionate about succeeding but may need additional support reaching their goals. By offering such access without financial burden, our students can participate in impactful extracurricular activities that improve their leadership, confidence, and success outside the classroom making the GSW Experience accessible for all. 

Employer Immersion is a unique opportunity for GSW students to learn about an industry by visiting an organization's workplace. Immersions are generally half-day, on-site trips to companies and organizations in various disciplines and industries. By engaging with professionals in a small group setting (20 or less), students will be welcomed by staff, tour the company, and explore their interests by experiencing a typical workday in that field. 

While visiting, students have the chance to go behind the scenes of an organization or manufacturer, ask questions to professionals in the field, understand real world problems, network with GSW alums, and find out about potential job and internship opportunities.

Businesses can become involved by offering Employer Immersion opportunities at their own organization and/or by donating resources for students to participate in more visits without having to pay out of pocket. 

The Lead 10 Program will offer mentorship opportunities for participating faculty members. This cohort style setting will allow one professor to mentor a group of 10 students in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and academic support. Targeted at first generation students and those unsure of career goals, the Lead 10 program will provide additional guidance and career exploration by increasing the success and confidence of our students.

The program will incorporate community and alumni outreach to provide additional insight and development opportunities with the main goal of increasing student retention and providing career preparation for seniors nearing graduation. We also aim to place Georgia Southwestern graduates in careers in southwest Georgia.

Your contribution to the Lead 10 Program will provide additional outreach to College of Business and Computing students while also contributing to the retention of highly qualified faculty at GSW. 

Scholarship is an activity that refers to updating and extending an area of study within the professional life of the faculty member. University professors must be constantly alert to new and innovative directions in their disciplines if their leadership in the classroom is to be truly effective.

I have learned so much in my first month at M&J. It feels great to be able to use knowledge from the classroom and utilize it at work. This opportunity has allowed me to meet the CPAs in my area while learning from them.

Kaitlyn Evans Accounting Major
Current Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC Intern