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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a state-funded program allowing select high school students to attend college while still in high school. Courses completed with GSW earn students both high school and college credit.

Accelerate Your Education

The Dual Enrollment Program offered through Georgia Southwestern puts students on the fast track to university success by allowing students to earn dual credit as they complete high school course requirements and begin their college career at the same time.

There is little to no cost for students who participate in Dual Enrollment and allows students to take up to 30 hours of funded credit within the program. Dual Enrollment is funded by the Georgia General Assembly and administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. It is designed to provide participating high school students with financial assistance toward the cost of postsecondary coursework. Only approved courses will be covered by Dual Enrollment. Georgia Southwestern will loan textbooks to students, and the student will only be charged for the textbook if they fail to return the book at the end of the semester. Non-mandatory fees or supplemental instruction materials are not covered by the dual enrollment program.

Dual Enrollment is available to Georgia students at public high schools and private high schools, as well as, homeschooled students. You can enroll jointly in high school and university courses or you can concentrate on university classes alone. Regardless, you’ll earn college credit for all of your Georgia Southwestern courses. Plus, you’ll get a feel of university life and learn how to make the most of your college experience.

Converting from Dual Enrollment to a Freshman?
Students completing dual enrollment with GSW may move their previous dual enrollment application to a Beginning Freshman.
Apply for Admission

How to Apply


Submit Your Application

Complete your application online making sure to select Dual Enrollment for "Application Type." The $25 application fee is waived for Dual Enrollment Students.


Request Your Official Transcripts

Request these from your counseling office to be sent to GSW. We accept mailed or e-transcripts, such as Parchment, eScrip-Safe, or GA Futures that come directly from the high school. You may bring them to campus in person, as long as they remain in the original, sealed envelope from the school. 


Official Testing Scores

Optional - We encourage you to send all scores from all tests taken including SAT, ACT, and ACCUPLACER tests. Please use SAT Code: 5250 and/or ACT code: 0824. Students may register online to take the ACCUPLACER on GSW's Campus.


Homeschool Students

Homeschool students must submit a Homeschool Packet that includes a Declaration of Intent and detailed course descriptions.


Check Your Status

You can review what information is needed and what documents have been received by checking your status online


Check Your Email

We will send a variety of emails to notify you of your acceptance and allow accepted students the opportunity to register early and other exclusive offerings.

Admission Requirements
Required Test Scores
GPA Calculation

To qualify for the Dual Enrollment program, students must meet the following:

  • Meet the minimum required SAT/ACT/Accuplacer for Dual Enrollment
  • Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum.
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA (academic courses only)
  • Gain approval from your high school guidance counselor and parent(s)
Requirement Minimums
HS GPA 3.0
Age/Grade Level Enrollment in high school is required.
Additional Requirements / Information
  • Students must submit a high school transcript showing they are on track for graduating high school and completing the USG's Required High School Curriculum (RHSC).
  • Parent/guardian consent is required. The consent is obtained from the GAfutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application for those eligible for funding and from the Self-Pay Course Approval Form for those ineligible for funding. 


Course High School Courses & GPA  or  SAT/PSAT  or  ACT/PreACT  or  ACCUPLACER

ENGL 1101

2.7 with at least 2 RHSC
English units must be successfully
completed prior to enrollment


480 Evidence-based Reading & Writing or 17 English
or 237 Reading Comprehension & 4 WritePlacer
MATH 1001
MATH 1101 MATH 1401
STAT 1401
3.1 with Algebra II,
Advanced Algebra or equivalent HS course
successfully completed prior to enrollment
or 440 Math or 17 Math or 258 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
MATH 1111 3.2 with Algebra II,
Advanced Algebra or equivalent HS course
successfully completed prior to enrollment
or 510 Math or 20 Math or 266 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics


The ACCUPLACER is offered weekly on GSW’s campus at no cost for prospective students who have applied to Georgia Southwestern.

Online or Remote ACCUPLACER Exam
Students may also take the ACCUPLACER using Examity, a secure online proctoring service that allows students to test from home, when it is most convenient (24/7/365). Students also may select a testing center near their home, rather than traveling to Americus to test. There is a $25 fee for using Examity. A remote testing center will also charge a fee that normally ranges from $15 to $30. The student is responsible for paying these fees to the appropriate testing service.

Register for an On-Campus ACCUPLACER Test          Register for an Online/Remote ACCUPLACER Test

Students may only take the ACCUPLACER test twice per admission cycle, unless additional testing is approved by the Office of Recruitment and Admissions or First-Year Experience.

Your High School GPA is calculated by the Office of Admissions using the Required High School Curriculum courses listed below. Additional information can be found using the USG's Staying on Course guide. Your GPA will be calculated using the scores listed on your official high school transcript. Georgia Southwestern does not add or remove weight for advanced courses.

Understanding the Required High School Curriculum
  • English: 4 units of English which have as their emphasis grammar and usage, literature (American, English, World), and advanced composition skills.
  • Mathematics: 4 units of Mathematics, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and a fourth year of advanced Mathematics. Georgia Southwestern does not accept Mathematics of Finance.
  • Science: 4 units of science where two courses include a laboratory component. Georgia public high school graduates must have at least one unit of Biology, one unit of Physical Science or Physics, one unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or an advanced placement science course, and a fourth science.
  • Social Science: 3 units of social science, with at least one course focusing on United States studies and one course focusing on world studies.
  • Foreign Language: 2 units in the same foreign language emphasizing speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Two units of American Sign Language or two units of computer science courses that have a coding and programming emphasis may be used to satisfy this requirement.
Calculating GSW GPA

For calculating the GSW institutional GPA, credit hours only are transferred. You are required to submit the official dual enrollment transcript, from all previous institutions, for an official review.

The Total Institutional GPA will reflect credit earned as a GSW Dual Enrollment student transitioning to Regular Beginning Freshman.

Transcript GPA Definitions

After Acceptance to Georgia Southwestern

Once a student is accepted, there are a few items needed to complete the Dual Enrollment process.

  • Complete the student/parent portion of the Dual Enrollment Funding Application. Students attending an eligible public or private high school or Home Study Program must complete the online Dual Enrollment Funding Application.
  • Request completion of the online Dual Enrollment Funding Application by your high school guidance counselor. Homeschool students will request for their home school administrator to complete Part II of the application.
  • Make an appointment with the Assistant Director of First-Year Experience, Courtney Harmon, in the Canes Central to be advised and registered. To make an advisement and registration appointment, select an available time here: review the list of approved Dual Enrollment courses prior to registration.
  • Submit your immunization record to the GSW Health Center. Online only students must still complete this process, but there is an exemption option for online students.
  • Check your email. GSW will send a variety of emails keeping you up to date on your application status and other important information about the Dual Enrollment program.


A Dual Enrollment orientation session will be held each semester for students. Students should receive orientation information via email after acceptance.

I chose to attend GSW after getting a taste of the university through dual enrollment. The school offered high quality courses while the scale provided personable relationships with your professors that other universities don’t offer.

Tyler Cobb, '22 Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Fitzgerald, Georgia