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The Department of English and Modern Languages cultivates intellectual, communicative, and creative growth in its students through general education courses in composition and literature and an undergraduate program comprising courses in composition, literature, professional writing, and foreign languages. Through its academic, scholarly, and service activities, the department develops and maintains excellence in its faculty, staff, and students.

The programs offered by English and Modern Languages foster the students' critical engagement with the world. Students can tailor their individual programs to enrich their academic experience and advance their career goals by choosing a minor and classes to fulfill elective requirements. Exciting opportunities include the certificate programs, professional internships, study abroad programs, and classes grounded in service learning.

Undergraduate Programs

B.A. in English

B.A. in English, Teacher Certification

All programs in the English and Modern Languages Department engender critical thinking, analytic writing, and advanced communication skills.


Department of English and Modern Languages

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Our Programs
A grade of C or higher is required of all students for satisfactory completion of ENGL 1101 and 1102. Satisfactory completion of both courses is a prerequisite for enrollment in ENGL 2112, ENGL 2121, ENGL 2122, ENGL 2131, or ENGL 2132 in Core Area C or ENGL 2111 in Area F. For English majors a grade of C or higher is required in each course in the major.
Good communication skills are essential for success in the modern world. All programs in the English and Modern Languages Department engender critical thinking, analytic writing, and advanced communication skills. Most professional settings require good writing and speaking skills. Graduates of programs in English and Modern Languages are in demand in such professions as teaching, law, business, publishing, technical writing, social work, public relations, and international public policy programs; and are well prepared to continue matriculation in a variety of graduate programs.

Writing: Compose effective written responses to a given rhetorical situation.

Research: Formulate research and locate it within a specific interpretive, disciplinary or intellectual context; evaluate and cite appropriate secondary sources; and situate this argument in a critical conversation.

Critical, Integrative and Creative Thinking: Demonstrate the ability to think critically or creatively, and to integrate material from diverse intellectual backgrounds.

Close Reading: Generate an effective close reading of literary or other texts that demonstrates a solid understanding of the formal or rhetorical qualities of texts and successfully employ technical terminology from English Studies.

Historical Analysis/Contextualization: Employ relevant cultural and historical contexts to analyze and interpret texts.

If you'd like to learn more about the programs offered or courses available, please call 229-931-2183 or view the course schedule rotation below.
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