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Computer Science Graduate Certificate

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Graduate Certificate in Computer Science (Online)

Specialized computer skills are increasing in demand as the world depends on technology for day-to-day tasks. This post-baccalaureate certificate program focuses on expertise needed in the ever-changing field of computer science. Many companies are seeking individuals with specialization in computer hardware management, website design, and computer programming in order to keep their business safe and running properly. The Graduate Certificate in Computer Science will advance your abilities and increase professional knowledge for a jump-start into a successful career in computer science.

Students enrolled in this post-baccalaureate program have the opportunity to continue into the Master of Science in Computer Science program or receive a standalone Graduate Certificate. All courses are seamlessly transferable into the program upon completion.


Program Curriculum


Convenient Online Format

At Georgia Southwestern, students have access to accredited, affordable programs offered 100% online allowing working professionals and students around the world alike the convenience to elevate their careers at their own pace. 

Affordable Tuition Internationally

The online Computer Science Certificate program offers the same affordable tuition rates to all registered students from anywhere in the state to all across the world. 

Program Specific Admissions Requirements

Required Materials

The completed application packet, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions by the deadline for each term. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with questions. Applicants may apply for admittance during any semester. The complete admissions packet is comprised of the following:

Required GPA

  • A minimum undergraduate overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.70 as reported on the official transcripts from all accredited institutions. 
  • A score of 1,000 or higher using formula (1) or 1,050 or higher using formula (2)
    • Formula 1: GMAT score/predicted score + (200 x Undergraduate GPA [four point scale])
    • Formula 2: GMAT score/predicted score + (200 x Upper Undergraduate GPA [four point scale])
  • Completion of the prerequisite requirements
    • CSCI 3500 Data Structures and Algorithms
    • CSCI 4200 Design of Operating Systems

Graduate Program

Graduate Certificate in Computer Science

Graduate Admissions & Application Process

MSCS Program Director

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Looking to continue your certificate or advance further with a Master of Science in Computer Science? GSW offers a seamless transition from our post-baccalaureate certificate to master's program.