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Second Degree

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Second Degree BSN Program

This pre-licensure track program builds on previous learning experiences and provides the quickest route for those with undergraduate degrees to transition into nursing. This BSN takes approximately the same length of time as would be necessary for an associate degree in nursing while offering better long range opportunities to the graduate.

The core and general education requirements met by the first degree are accepted by the University.  The U.S. and Georgia History and Constitution Requirements of the University System of Georgia must be met by all second degree students who are admitted to the program prior to the senior year of coursework. The Nursing program has full approval of the Georgia Board of Nursing.

Upon acceptance to GSW, students are first enrolled as Pre-Nursing students. This allows the student to satisfy the core curriculum requirements in the first two years of study. Application to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Traditional program should occur during the last semester of the second year of full-time study at the University. Pre-Nursing students are advised by a professional nursing advisor.

All core curriculum requirements must be completed prior to entering the nursing program.  Transfer students must have their final official transcripts received by Admissions before beginning nursing classes.


Program Curriculum        Storm Track (Model Program of Study)

Apply to GSW Apply to the School of Nursing

Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Health & Human Science Complex
Carter I

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Faculty & Staff

Nursing Students

The School of Nursing now offers two admissions cycles for students: Fall Admission - February 15th and Spring Admission - October 15th

Admission Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Attain admission in good standing to the University.
  2. Return the completed application and required supporting documents to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences by the published deadlines.
  3. Must have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized college or university with an overall GPA of 2.80 or higher. In addition to degree GPA, grades on courses in Area F (excluding the Area F elective) and Area D Elementary Statistics as noted below will be considered with preference given to those with higher grades than minimum.  These grades will make up your Nursing GPA and must be 2.80 or higher. All attempts are calculated for the Nursing GPA.
  4. Must have completed the following prerequisites at the time of application:
    • Area F with grade of C or higher: Please remember a C is only a 2.0 GPA.
      • BIOL 2030 Anatomy and Physiology I*
      • BIOL 2040 Anatomy and Physiology II*
      • BIOL 2050 Microbiology*
      • PSYC 2103 Human Growth and Development
        • *These courses must be taken within 5 years of the anticipated entry date.
    • Area D with grade of C or higher:
      • MATH 2204 Elementary Statistics (or equivalent course)

      •  (A Nursing GPA will be figured using course grades in Area D -Statistics only and F (excluding the elective in Area F) as noted above with preference given to those with high scores, but they must have a minimum Nursing GPA of 2.80 with all attempts calculated.  An unofficial transcript verifying final course grades must be submitted to the College of Nursing Student Services Coordinator ASAP after completion.)

  5. Students applying to GSW beginning FALL 2017 are required to have an iPad or laptop for in-class use.
  6. Must take HESI A2-- two attempts with two years. Test scores & HESI transcripts should be printed out and included in the nursing application packet. Instructions to print transcripts can be found below under HESI information.
  7. Must not have been excluded from this or any other  nursing program for any reason, including but not limited to, academic misconduct, disruptive behavior, or program failure within the five years of the application date. A nursing course failure in another institution counts as a failure in this institution.

It may not be possible to admit all students who meet the minimum requirements for admission.
 If there are more qualified applicants than positions available in a nursing class, selection for admission will be based upon the following:

  • Grade Point Average - greater than the minimum of 2.80 Nursing GPA.
  • Grades in Area F Science courses - minimum of B is preferred
  • HESI Admission Assessment A2 - minimum score of 75%---two attempts within two years.
  • Patterns of withdrawal from courses/schools
  • Grades of Ds and/or Fs
  • Written communication ability
  • Availability of space in clinical sites
  • Availability of faculty resources

Transfer Students

  • Upon applicant’s acceptance to GSW, a letter of acceptance and transcript evaluation will be available to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  These documents must be on file in GSW office of admissions and are required before the Admission & Progression Committee can review the College of Nursing and Health Sciences application.
  • If applicant is taking or in progression of courses at other institutions during the admission process, applicants must make note of what courses they are taking on their nursing application.
  • Applicant must submit an official transcript verifying final course grades to Registrars office and an unofficial transcript verifying final course grades to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Student Services Coordinators office ASAP after completion.

Transfer applications will require a transcript evaluation so be sure to apply early so this document can be completed before the deadline.

HESI Admission Assessment Exam

The HESI (Health Education Systems, Inc.) Admission Assessment (A2) is a computerized exam designed to assess prospective students entering the health science fields. The HESI A2 consists of eight different exams, seven of which are required by the Nursing program at Georgia Southwestern State University.

HESI Information and Study Guide

Testing Center & Additional Information

TOEFL Exam Scores

The official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test scores are required for applicants whose first language is not English.  Exemption from the TOEFL requirement is allowed for undergraduate students who complete courses equivalent to English Composition I and II at a regionally accredited United States college or university and earn at least a “C” on the courses.

Admission Types

1)   Conditional acceptance is conferred until completion of the following:

  • Students taking core classes the semester prior to the beginning of nursing classes must submit final grades to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences immediately at end of semester showing the core has been satisfactorily completed and student GPA maintained. 
  • Students must also return the Reservation Form along with required signed documents that they will receive in their College of Nursing and Health Sciences acceptance packet by the indicated deadline.
  • The background check, drug screen, and immunization package described in that packet must also be purchased and the required documents uploaded and approved by the indicated deadline.

(Failure to do any of the above will result in the conditional acceptance status being revoked and student will have to reapply for admission during another cycle.)

2)  Full acceptance is granted when all of the above requirements have been met.

Application Deadlines

  • FALL ADMISSION: February 15th
  • SPRING ADMISSION: October 15th

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences application form and the required support documents must be received by the College of Nursing and Health Sciences by the published application deadline at, mail or personal delivery to:

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Student Services Coordinator
Georgia Southwestern State University
800 Georgia Southwestern State University Drive
Americus, GA 31709
Fax: 229-931-2288