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History and Political Science

The disciplines of the Department of History and Political Science focus on the creation, diversity, and change within human societies as well as the responsibilities of citizenship within a world community. The department mission offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge of global historical events and patterns; to understand through models and theories various political phenomenon and movements; to develop analytical and critical thinking skills; to conduct discipline specific research; and to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms.

History and Political Science graduates are employed in a variety of positions in public service and the private sector. Our majors find positions with research services, in editing, legislative analysis, trend analysis for media, public relations, government agencies or non-profit groups, site interpretation and management, historic preservation, oral histories, and the development of documentaries.

Undergraduate Majors

BA in History

BS in Political Science

The disciplines of the Department of History and Political Science focus on the creation, diversity, and change within human societies as well as the responsibilities of citizenship within a world community.


Department of History and Political Science

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Pre-Law Advisor
Global South Studies
With a variety of programs, open minors, and electives, students can tailor their individual programs to fit personal career goals. The department has an active Third World Studies program which includes enrichment seminars. It also administers the Intern Program which includes a variety of internships. These programs enable qualified students to obtain valuable work experience in addition to college credit and a possible stipend. A Pre-Law advisor helps students prepare for the law school of their choice.

GSW offers certification in Secondary Education for History and Political Science. For information on degree programs, see the requirements detailed by the School of Education.

Since law schools prescribe no set curriculum as a prerequisite for admission, students may major in almost any degree program in preparation for law school. Some curricula are particularly recommended, such as political science, history, English, etc. Each of these curricula will have a separate advisor. However, the student interested in law school should also consult with the "Pre-law Advisor" within the Department of History and Political Science. The Pre-law Advisor will have information on law school admission policies, Law School Aptitude Test applications and administration dates, scholarships, law school catalogs, etc.  For more information, please contact Dr. Brian Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science at or 229-931-2080.

In order to provide an international structure for the humane and scientific study of Third World peoples, problems and issues, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life, Dr. Harold Isaacs, Professor of History at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia, founded the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS), Inc., in 1983.

The Association of Global South Studies (AGSS) is now the largest professional organization of its kind in the world, with a global membership and chapters in South Asia and Africa. Members include academics, practitioners in the area of Third World development, employees of government agencies, and diplomats who reside in 45 states plus the District of Columbia in the U.S., and in 21 other countries around the globe (especially Kenya, Nigeria, and India).

For more information, please visit the AGSS website.

The Department of History and Political Science provides excellent minor programs in history and political science. In preparation for a career in business, governmental agencies, or education, minors in the social sciences are considered an especially attractive balance to the career major. Minor courses are selected in consultation with the student's faculty advisor.

Each minor course must be completed with a grade of C or better. Exceptions and substitutions for the required courses or types of course may be made (for example, for prior credit) with the recommendation of the advisor and the approval of the Department Chair.

Interested in Studying Abroad While Earning Your Degree?

GSW’s study abroad programs are an integral part of our undergraduate education. Students can earn academic credit, scholarships, financial aid, and benefit from the involvement of our faculty while abroad. The department of history and political science faculty often lead study abroad programs throughout the summer.

For more information, including an up to date list of current study abroad destinations, please contact Judy Orton Grissett, Director of Experiential Learning at
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