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Step into the Department of Visual arts at GSW, and enter a new dimension. Formed and molded from years of experience and practice, our dedicated faculty encourages students to find their creative spirit through discovery, exploration, and experimental learning through a conducive environment. The department emphasizes growth and development of a strong conceptual foundation for each student equally grounded in both theory and practice. A solid foundation is provided in basic skills and craft that are then expanded upon based on each student’s conceptual direction. 

Upon completion of foundation courses, students select a studio concentration from a variety of areas, including Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Printmaking, Digital Arts, and Glass. Students have the option to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree based on their desired goals. Students are prepared to communicate effectively through verbal and visual representation and are prepared to enter the workforce as individual artists and group collaborators.


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The Ceramics concentration provides students with a foundation in the technical and aesthetic aspects of the ceramic medium including functional and sculptural pieces. You will develop skills in the construction of ceramics works and an understanding of firing techniques and relevant chemistry.
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Digital Arts

The digital arts concentration emphasizes student engagement with the theory and practice of time-based, new media art, to include digital video, web art, digital photography, as well as multimedia installation. Students gain facility with a variety of computer software tools that enable them to generate, edit, and manipulate digital information for output in print, video and interactive web applications to be viewed within a fine art context.
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Drawing & Painting

In the Drawing and Painting program, you will develop your skills in liquid and dry media. Teaching the traditional techniques, faculty enhances your understanding of art history and visual production while preparing you to explore other media through independent research. The Narrative Illustration curriculum supports and supplements the drawing and painting program.
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Glass students are challenged to understand historical and contemporary art issues with emphasis placed on the development of personal expression, conceptual exploration, and craftsmanship. Instruction focuses on glassblowing, casting, fusing, and mixed media assemblage.
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The photography concentration immerses students in the technical, conceptual, and historical aspects of the medium and prepares them for a range of career options. Students begin with instruction in the fundamental principles of photography by learning to operate a manual 35mm camera and process their own film and gelatin silver prints. Assignments transition from highly technical to highly conceptual as students discover their own intensely personal expression with the medium.
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In the Printmaking program, you will learn to apply print processes to both historical paradigms and contemporary problems. You will have the opportunity to establish skills with traditional print techniques such as monotype, intaglio, lithography, and relief printing. Book arts and paper making courses supplement this exciting curriculum.
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Sculpture students are challenged to understand historical and contemporary art issues with emphasis placed on the development of personal expression, conceptual exploration, and craft. Instruction focuses on woodworking, welded steel, casting, and mixed media assemblage.
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Glassblowing Program

Georgia Southwestern offers the only glassblowing program in the state. Students of all art majors are able to take the foundations course for exposure.

Studio Access

With 24/7 access to many resources, students have the opportunity to complete projects at their own leisure while also having more time to practice their skill.


Class sizes are small with an average of 8 to 12 students. Students receive as much faculty help as they desire.

Our Programs
Career Opportunities

Georgia Southwestern’s Art major offers both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree. Our B.A. program focuses on studio art skills as well as art history, from prehistory to contemporary criticism. This program offers the flexibility of an art concentration along with a minor or certificate. The B.F.A. major provides an intensive experience in the practice, theory, and history of the visual arts, with a particular focus on professional-level training and concentrations in studio arts.

Required courses are as follows:

BA Curriculum          BFA Curriculum          Art Minor Curriculum          Fine Arts Focus Storm Track

Art graduates are prepared to work in a broad spectrum of creative areas including the following:

  • Studio Artist
  • K-12 Art Educator
  • Freelance Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Advertising
  • Gallery Management
  • Photographer
  • Marketing
  • Pursue Graduate Degree

Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Chinese Bie-Modern Studies places an emphasis on the support of rigorous teaching and research practices, while also promoting diversity and the awareness of cultural differences and similarities.

Center for Chinese Bie-Modern Studies

Experience is Everything

Make the most of your studies at Georgia Southwestern by participating in Study Abroad. Visual Arts students have frequent opportunities to dive into other cultures and historical context providing additional experiential learning while networking with other students around the world.


Study Abroad Opportunities

Studio Access

Art students are offered the ability to work in most studios on campus at any time. With 24/7 access to many resources, students have the opportunity to complete projects at their own leisure while also having more time to practice their skill.

Lockers are available to students to store materials securely making it easier for students to access materials necessary to complete projects. 


Visiting Artists Program

We are pleased to invite visiting artists to apply for exhibition opportunities as they are available. If interested, please send submissions to the Gallery Director, Justin Hodges, at Please include in your submission a current CV, artist statement, and digital link to view your work. You may also feel free to contact the Gallery Director with any other inquiries regarding exhibitions or the gallery.