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Daylight Experience
What's New: GeorgiaVIEW Continuous Delivery Upgrades

Preparedness and Contingencies: Transitioning to Online Learning During a Pandemic 

Brightspace by D2L Community

The Brightspace by D2L Community is a D2L-hosted public website (not just for University System of Georgia Brightspace users), which contains important information, including but not limited to archives of D2L documentation and various discussion topics and forums:

  • Any user can become a member and can register by clicking the Become a Member
    button and filling out the Enrollment form on the Brightspace Community Register
  • Any user can post a unique idea on the Product Idea Exchange page:
    • Once you create an account and log in, click the Product Idea Exchange link at the grey navigation bar
    • To post the idea, click the Post Idea link
    • You can search for the existing ideas by entering a key word in the the Find an Idea box at the top right
    • If you find the similar ideas, you can vote and add comments to an existing idea instead of creating a duplicate
    • View recent and popular feature requests
    • Subscribe to ideas so you can be alerted to new comments and changes in status.

GeorgiaVIEW Tips



  • Preferred web browsers for GeorgiaVIEW/GoVIEW are Google Chrome and Firefox - the latest versions, as well as Microsoft Edge.
    • For Mac computers, latest version of Apple Safari
    • Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported by D2L anymore. 
  • Learn about System and Software Requirements
  • Do it yourself and recommend your students to clear their web browser cache and cookies regularly, especially before starting quizzes. It’s a good practice to clear browser cache and cookies often to avoid GeorgiaVIEW/GoVIEW issues.

Course Work

  • Recommend your students to compose assignments within Microsoft Word, then copy and paste the text or attach the document to the assignment. It will help them to avoid timing-out and losing their work. Lost compositions are NOT recoverable.
  • To minimize issues while taking a quiz, ask your students to clear browser’s cache and cookies

Additional Help

Faculty Development