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Pre-Professional Pathways

Georgia Southwestern offers a variety of pathways that prepare you for entry into professional programs such as Medicine and Law. Included is a list of suggested degree programs at GSW that can lead to professional careers. Pre-professional Pathway Advisors listed below do not replace the academic advisor assigned by your degree program, but they will provide additional specialized guidance to achieve your professional aspirations.

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Exercise Science


Political Science

Pre-Medical Studies

Pre-Pharmacy Studies

Regents' Engineering Pathway Program (REPP)

Common Majors & Pre-Professional Pathway Advisors

Biology Chemistry Exercise
English History Political
Pathway Advisor
Pre-Athletic Training   X Benjamin Meador, Ph.D., CSCS
Pre-Dentistry  X Anh-hue Tu, Ph.D
Pre-Engineering  X Svilen Kostov, Ph.D.
Pre-Law  X X X Brian Smith, Ph.D.
Pre-Medicine  X X X Anh-hue Tu, Ph.D
Pre-Occupational Therapy  X Benjamin Meador, Ph.D., CSCS
Pre-Optometry  X X Anh-hue Tu, Ph.D
Pre-Pharmacy  X Michele Smith, Ph.D.
Pre-Physical Therapy  X X Benjamin Meador, Ph.D., CSCS
Pre-Physician's Assistant  X X Benjamin Meador, Ph.D., CSCS
Pre-Veterinary  X X Anh-hue Tu, Ph.D

How do I know which program or pathway is for me?

Speak with the advisor of the pre-professional pathway you are interested in. You can discuss your goals and they will explain the courses necessary to gain entrance to the program.

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Not sure which program is right for you? Request information to learn more about the requirements and see how Georgia Southwestern can springboard you into your desired program!

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Do I have to complete a degree to be accepted into a professional program?

Many schools with professional programs do not require the completion of a degree prior to entrance. However, individuals will have to complete necessary course work specific to that program.

How do I know what classes I need to take?

By meeting with a Pre-Professional Pathway Advisor, you can understand which classes are required for entrance and which pathway is right for you. 

What will best prepare me for the entrance exam?

Entrance exams (MCAT, PCAT, LSAT, etc.) are required for entrance into professional programs. While coursework and GPA are obviously of great importance, the successful applicant will also have to furnish references, perform well on their required entrance exam, and demonstrate an involvement in extracurricular activities on campus and in the community. Anything a student can use to strengthen his or her application package will aid in this competitive process.

GSW was the only college I toured that gave me a "community" vibe that focuses on student's achievements. The small faculty-to-student ratio is what mostly stood out to me as someone who asks questions... a lot. I was interested in research and loved that GSW offered independent research rather than assisting a faculty member solely. I just felt like GSW truly wanted me to succeed.

Destany Ware, '20 ASPPH Ambassador, Currently MPH in Epidemiology at the University of Georgia