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Applications for the MSN Programs and all certificates must be made through the University Office of Graduate Admissions

Best Online Colleges 2016 (AC Online), leading resource for online learning college affordability information, has released its third annual ranking for the 2015-2016 Best Online Nursing Programs.
 Affordable College has also recognized our MSN program on their 2016 ranking of quality and affordable Master's programs across the country. We are proud that our online MSN program has been included on these lists!
 MSNbadgetop50-2018  MSN program at GSW was named one of the top 50 Masters of Science in Nursing Programs by in 2018.

Mission Statement of GICGNE

Georgia Intercollegiate Consortium for Graduate Nursing Education (GICGNE) Mission The mission of the Georgia Intercollegiate Consortium for Graduate Nursing Education (GICGNE) is to prepare safe and competent professional nurses, who in collaboration with others, provide or facilitate high quality patient-centered care in a global society and achieve academic excellence in nursing education through learner centered teaching, evidence based practice, creative inquiry and student engagement. Also, the mission is to prepare competent and caring individuals for a life of success and leadership in professional nursing through intellectual, personal and social growth and to contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

Program Description

The degree of Master of Science in Nursing consists of four tracks and two certificates - all online programs of study. The 36-44 hour programs prepare professional registered nurses for advanced practice nursing roles as culturally competent educations, leaders, informaticists, or family nurse practitioners. The Georgia Intercollegiate Consortium for Graduate Nursing Education (GICGNE) is a consortium between Georgia Southwestern State University and Columbus State University offering the master’s programs in nursing. The consortium allows students to enjoy resources from both schools by use of faculty for instruction and university resources each semester. A student who applies and is accepted to Georgia Southwestern will receive their degree from Southwestern; and vice versa for CSU.


The master's degree program in nursing at Georgia Intercollegiate Consortium for Graduate Nursing Education (Consortium of Georgia Southwestern State University and Columbus State University) is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) has approved the dissolution of the Georgia Intercollegiate Graduate Nursing Education (GICGNE) and for both universities in this consortium to have their own Master of Science in nursing programs. For those students enrolled in GICGNE, there will be no change- students will remain enrolled under GICGNE until graduation.

Georgia Southwestern State University School of Nursing will begin enrolling new students in the GSW-only M.S.N. program in Spring/Summer/Fall 2020. This will include students in all tracks of Family Nurse Practitioner, Informatics, Education, and Leadership. Because the master's degree is only accredited under GICGNE,  GSW will be seeking separate accreditation.

Therefore, the master's degree program in nursing at Georgia Southwestern State University is pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (  Applying for accreditation does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted.  



Course Delivery System

All courses in the MSN program are offered fully online through the Georgia On My Line (GOML) learning management system. A separate sign-on is required for GOML from that of the email system used by the home institution. The GOML Common Academic Calendar for each semester can be found at


All theory (didactic/lecture) courses are offered online via GOVIEW online platform. The clinical requirements (preceptorship, practicum internship) in the curriculum will not be online. Preceptors for these experiences will be arranged in the student's locale whenever feasible. The student and preceptor in a clinical course must hold licensure as a registered nurse in the state in which the clinical experience will be provided and will comply with the Board of Nursing's regulations regarding placement.

The MSN tracks can be completed in two academic years, or four semesters of full-time study (9 credit hours per semester). Students are expected to complete the program of study within a seven (7) year period, but are encouraged to complete all courses in their selected track as quickly as their schedule allows. All requirements including course work at GSW and CSU, transfer credit and transient credit course work, must be completed within 7 calendar years from the date of initial enrollment in course work without regard to the initial admission status and without regard to credit hours earned. To remain in good academic standing, degree candidates must maintain a "B" (3.0) average. Only two courses with a "C" or better will count toward the degree.

If you would like to know more about any of the MSN Education, Leadership, or Informatics or FNP track please contact: Kimberly Fleming at or call 229-931-2239 or Connie Hammack at or call 229-931-2286.



MSN Program Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Implement the selected advanced nurse role-leader, educator, informaticist, or nurse practitioner within health care.
  2. Develop and nurture interprofessional collaborations by communicating and consulting with other health care professionals, including administrators, community leaders and regulators.
  3. Evaluate the influence of ethical principles on personal and organizational decision-making.
  4. Utilize nursing research for the promotion of quality nursing education, safe client-centered health care, and evidence based practice.
  5. Employ critical thinking in the application of nursing and multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to foster optimal client health outcomes.
  6. Exemplify cultural competence and sensitivity to diversity in dynamic academic and health care environments.
  7. Demonstrate competence in leadership roles and a commitment to ongoing professional development for the provision of quality, cost-effective client-centered health care and the advancement of nursing practice.
  8. Utilize informatics to improve client outcomes and to promote the health and safety of individuals, groups and communities.

Programs of Study/Schema

Nursing Education - Degree or Certificate Option The nursing education concentration focuses on preparing nurses to facilitate learning in various environments through the application of knowledge in instructional design, curriculum development, technology utilization, and evaluation of learning. The education track has six (6) core courses and six (6) courses concentrating in nursing education. Included in the track is a 3 hour focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

MSN Education Full Time Schema
MSN Education Part-time Schema
MSN Education Post Masters Certificate

Nursing Leadership/Management The leadership concentration focuses on developing nursing leaders who are able to influence, design, mange, transform, and evaluate the evolution of nursing services and care delivery. The leadership track has six (6) core courses and six (6) courses concentrating in nursing leadership. Included in the track is a 3 hour focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

MSN Leadership Full Time Schema
MSN Leadership Part-time Schema

Nursing Informatics - Degree or Certificate Option The informatics concentration focuses on preparing nurses to become proficient in health information technology and essential informatics competencies to function within patient care environments. The informatics track has five (5) core courses and seven (7) courses concentrating in nursing informatics. Included in the track is a 3 hour focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

MSN Informatics Full Time Schema
MSN Informatics Part-time Schema
MSN Health Care Informatics Certificate Schema

Family Nurse Practitioner The focus of the Family Nurse Practitioner program is to provide the academic knowledge and clinical skills necessary for health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, and management of common acute and chronic illnesses. The family nurse practitioner program consists of a total of 44 semester hours, all online. It also requires 765 clinical hours, which will be completed in facilities and with preceptors that have been approved by the FNP Program Coordinators. The clinical sites will be located as close to the student’s geographic residence or local community as possible. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months. (See application deadlines below for NEW admission schedule.)

FNP Fall Admission (Full Time Model Plan of Study)
FNP Fall Admission (Part Time Model Plan of Study)
FNP Spring Admission (Part Time Model Plan of Study)

The APRN Loan Repayment Program (APRNLRP) was created to increase access to high quality, advanced nursing care in underserved, rural communities in Georgia. The program repays the APRN education student loan debt for those who agree to practice full –time in a rural community in Georgia. The program provides up to $10,000 a year in student loan repayment in return for a 12-month commitment to practice in a rural community. Recipients may receive a maximum of four loans and a maximum total student loan repayment of $40,000. Details are in the link below. Please encourage APRNs practicing in rural areas to review the materials and if eligible, APPLY!

Admission Requirements

Application Deadlines for MSN (Education, Leadership, Informatics) program:

Summer Admission - April 15        Fall Admission - June 30        Spring Admission - November 30

(Summer students are admitted to the Fall cohort but begin courses summer semester.)


Application Deadlines for FNP program:

Summer/Fall Admission (full time or part time study)        February 1 - Preferred Deadline        March 1- Final Deadline

Spring Admission (part time study only)       October 15


(Summer students are admitted to the Fall cohort but begin courses summer semester.)


Admission requirements:

  • Graduate application for admission (found on graduate admissions website)
  • $25.00 nonrefundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
  • Applicant must have a 3.0 GPA to apply
  • Applicant must have their BSN at time of application
  • Three completed recommendation forms from professional or clinical associates (form is found on graduate admissions website--this form must be used-letters will not be accepted)
  • Current resume
  • RN license
  • Immunization form (before enrollment)
  • Documentation of lawful presence (before enrollment, if applying for in-state tuition)

GSW Distance Education Programs - Each of the states has its own approval processes for out-of-state institutions offering distance education. While Georgia Southwestern State University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all Georgia Southwestern State University distance education programs may not be available in all states. States in which GSW is authorized to offer online programs may be found at

If you would like to know more about any of the MSN Education, Leadership, or Informatics please contact: Dr. Paula Bryant at or call 229-931-2282. For more about the FNP track, please contact: Dr. Mary Anne Shepherd at  or call 229-931-2241



2020-2021 MSN Student Handbook

2020 FNP Student Handbook

2020 FNP Clinical Planning Forms

2020 Fall Book List




Professional Liability Insurance:  

Students must provide their own liability insurance for student nurse practitioners. Work place coverage cannot be used by student unless a purchased rider identifying student nurse practitioner coverage is included. Professional liability insurance, minimum coverage





Credentialing Information for FNP students

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