Canes Spotlight

Canes Spotlights highlight Georgia Southwestern students who hold leadership roles, are involved in extracurricular activities and excel academically on campus. Canes Spotlights are nominated by faculty and staff.
LaDona Taylor

LaDona Taylor

Exercise Science
"What makes GSW special is that you really can create your own life here. You can really change as a person. If you are shy, I guarantee before you leave you will not be shy anymore. GSW sets you up where you are comfortable enough to come out of your shell. You have so many options to make it your very own while meeting some amazing people."
Tyler Cobb

Tyler Cobb

"I chose to attend GSW after getting a taste of the University through dual enrollment at Lee County High School. The school offered high-quality courses while also providing personable relationships with your professors that other universities don’t offer. Also, the distance from home was perfect to remain close to my family and the people in my life. Looking back at my decision, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities and development that Georgia Southwestern has brought me."
Sabrina Hagler

Sabrina Hagler

"English is such a great and versatile major. You can be a lawyer or a journalist, work in business or communication, and even find opportunities in medical fields. I have also always loved reading and writing, which is the foundation of every skill set and profession, and an English degree from Georgia Southwestern molds you into a well-rounded individual."
Banks Davis

Banks Davis

"Joining Sigma Chi fraternity is a big part of my college career. Through Sigma Chi, I have learned to be better for myself and those around me. I owe a great deal of credit to the fraternity for the many memories and friendships that I have shared ever since I joined."
Carly Hall

Carly Hall

"The people at GSW make it special. Our campus is small enough that you can get to know your teachers and classmates and create relationships that you would not have at a much larger school. Everyone here is rooting for you and wants to see you succeed."
Bryce Bass

Bryce Bass

Computer Science
"My student worker position as a web developer in the Department of University Relations was impactful and hands-on. I got to see how the University’s CMS works and the business side of everything in terms of meetings and practices. It enhanced my knowledge in web development with real-life projects."

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