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Faculty Senate

The purpose of the Faculty Senate shall be to constitute a body representative of the faculty, to advise the University on matters relative to the life of the University, and to facilitate the work of the faculty.

Faculty Senate Members

Dr. Evan Kutzler
President of Faculty Senate
Associate Professor, History
Business, History, and Political Science Building, Room 316
(229) 931-2102

Dr. Carol Bishop
Secretary of Faculty Senate
Associate Professor, Accounting
Business, History, & Political Science Building, Room 220
(229) 881-7693

Dr. Tzvetelin Iordanov
Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Science Building, Room 108
(229) 931-2333

Dr. Chadwick Gugg
Professor, Mathematics
Crawford Wheatley Hall, Room 205
(229) 931-2358
Dr. Benjamin Meador
Assistant Professor,
Exercise Science
Student Success Center (SSC),
Room 1228
(229) 931-2156
Dr. Julie Megginson
Professor, Music
Jackson Hall, Room 121
(229) 931-2240
Dr. Jeffrey Waldrop
Professor, English
English Building, Room 220
(229) 931-2182

Dr. Chu Chu Wu
Professor, Elementary Education
College of Education, Room 216
(229) 928-2477

Dr. John LeJeune
Associate Professor, Political Science
Jackson Hall, Room 121
(229) 931-2240
Dr. Anh-Hue Tu
Professo, Biology
Science Building, Room 117
(229) 931-2360
Professor Keaton Wynn
Professor, Art History and Ceramics
Fine Arts Building
(229) 931-2211
Dr. Thelma Sexton
Assistant Professor, Education
Education Center, Room 108
(229) 931-2338

Dr. John Wilson
Reference Librarian/Government Documents Coordinator/Associate Professor
James Earl Carter Library
(229) 931-2850

Dr. Sondra Smith
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Business, History & Political Sciene Building, Room 324
(229) 931-2126

Dr. Michelle Dykes
Associate Professor, Nursing
School of Nursing, Room 149
(229) 931-2605

Dr. Suzanne Smith (Ex Officio)
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Wheatley Administration Building – Room 205
(229) 928-1361
Dr. Neal Weaver (Ex Officio)
President, Georgia Southwestern State University
President’s Office
Wheatley Administration Building - Room 212
(229) 928-1360


Notes on the 10 month pay schedule

A note about the 10 month pay schedule: A frequently asked question is whether faculty members on 10 month contracts can choose to receive their paychecks spread out over 12 months. This simply cannot be done due to state law and IRS regulations. Valdosta State University has a nice explanation of why 10 month contracts cannot be paid out over 12 months.