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The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science. The degrees are:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Computer Science curriculum, leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, is a liberal arts oriented curriculum intended to prepare students for careers in programming and systems analysis. Computer Science is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses a broad range of topics. At one end of the spectrum, computer science focuses on the theoretical capabilities of computers and on the properties of various general problems and algorithms on the otherhand,  more applied end of the spectrum, computer science deals with techniques for the design and construction of machines, and with advanced applications of computers in all aspects of our society.

  • Click here for BS (Comp. Science) Program curriculum sheet
  • Click here for 3-Year Plan of Study for BS (Comp. Science)
  • Click here for 4-Year Plan of Study for BS (Comp. Science)

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology provides instruction and training for persons wishing to enter the exciting world of Information Technology. Today, employment opportunities abound for the man or woman who possesses the creative energy, the problem-solving ability, and the technical knowledge and skills to provide information services in a wide variety of organizational settings. The program of study includes the following two options: business and multimedia. The graduate of this program can expect initial employment as a network administrator, a database administrator, a Webmaster and a multimedia designer. The program provides the flexibility to meet almost any career aspirations in computer infrastructure set up and information processing.

  • Click here for BS (Info. Technology) Program curriculum sheet
  • Click here for 3-Year Plan of Study for BS Info. Technology (Business Option)
  • Click here for 4-Year Plan of Study for BS Info. Technology (Business Option)
  • Click here for 3-Year Plan of Study for BS Info. Technology (Multi-media Option)
  • Click here for 4-Year Plan of Study for BS Info. Technology (Multi-media Option)

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Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (WebBSIT)

Georgia Southwestern State University joined the WebBSIT consortium to offer the online degree in BSIT. The consortium consists of SACS accredited universities and offers a fully online Bachelor degree in Information Technology.  Highly regarded faculty from each university teaches our courses in WebBSIT in an online environment.  Students choose our BS Information Technology degree because of its accreditation, quality and how it fits with their busy lifestyle.  The goal of information technology education is to prepare critical thinking, skilled professionals who act to promote, maintain, and create cutting edge technology for the next generation.

  • For more information visit the website by clicking here.
  • Click here for WebBSIT program curriculum sheet

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Information Technology Certificate 

To meet 21st century challenges, military personnel need to update their knowledge and gain skills in high demand computing fields.  Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) offers from  Fall 2013, both an on-campus, traditional delivery Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology, and the equivalent certificate in a fully online format. Curriculum of this program consists of four required and two elective courses, and can be completed in two semesters. The primary goal of this program is to give military personnel and professionals who graduated from technical and two-year colleges an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in areas such as Internet Technologies, Information Systems Project Management, UNIX, Systems Analysis, Network Management, and some others. Although the program was created for military personnel, it is not limited only to them. This certificate program includes courses which reflect the current industry trend and will be useful to IT professionals as well. Completion of the program will be acknowledged by a special certificate. All credit hours from this certificate can be transferred to the Undergraduate Program in Information Technology at GSW.

  • Click HERE for Information Technology Certificate (On-Campus) Curriculum Sheet
  • Click HERE for Information Technology Certificate (Online) Curriculum Sheet

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Minor in Computer Science

Knowledge of computing is a great addition to any degree. The Computer Science Minor gives students an opportunity to apply computing skills in their fields of study.

  • Click here Computer Science Minor Curriculum Sheet.

Minor in Information Technology

Information Technology is a substantial component of many professions, especially marketing, accounting, and nursing. The IT minor creates an opportunity for successful careers in these fields.

  • Click here for Information Technology Minor Curriculum Sheet.

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Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers the Master of  Science in Computer Science degree. The degree program is geared towards current industry demands and prepares the students equipped with the latest technology. The classrooms and computing laboratory are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. Students have access to the latest software programs under the academic alliance with Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, and EMC. 

The MS program consist of 30 graduate credit hours in Computer Science. The curriculum consist of six core courses and four elective courses from the existing electives. The students have the option to choose thesis also.  

Students who wish to take thesis option must get the approval of the Graduate Advisor prior to registering for thesis in their first semester at GSW and initiate the process. Failure to do so may result in delayed graduation. 

Periodic revisions are made in the curriculum to prepare the students to meet the current industry trend. You may see a revision in the curriculum sheet as you progress in the master program. However, you will be allowed to complete the master program using the same curriculum sheet you started with. The curriculum sheets are identified by effective year (eg. 2010-11).

  • Click here to learn more about the Master of Science program
  • Click here for MS Computer Science curriculum sheet

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Online Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers the Online Master of Science in Computer Science. This program extends opportunities to those prospective students who are full time employees; have busy work schedules, and families and can not attend classes during the day time. The courses in this program are offered online via GeorgiaVIEW, the online course delivery tool.

Computer technology is at the heart of today’s business organizations – public and private. GSW serves the educational needs of the southwestern part of the state and attracts students from many southwestern counties of Georgia. GSW is within driving distance from many places. Yet, distance is not a factor, but convenience. A large number of students who wish to pursue a master's degree are looking for a fully online degree program. Employees of a number of local and regional employers have sought the convenience of attending university while being employed fulltime. 

  • Click here to learn more about the Online Master of Science program
  • Click here for Online MS Computer Science curriculum sheet

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Online Graduate Certificate Program in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

In addition, the Online Graduate Certificate Program in CIS is designed for those who need to improve their skill but are not able to attend classes on the GSW campus.  The student enrolled in this program have opportunity to continue leading to Master of Science in Computer Science.

The primary goal of this program is to give instructors from two-year colleges and technical colleges the opportunity to obtain 18 hours of graduate course work in their teaching field (CIS). The program was created for instructors, but it is not limited only to them. This certificate program includes courses which reflect the current industry trend. Because of its online format students can take up to six graduate classes (18 credit hours) and complete their study in one year. Students who are willing to enroll in this program should meet regular admission requirements for MS Computer Science program. After taking 18 credit hours, students can continue to take courses toward to the MS in CS degree.

The distinct features of both programs are:

  1. Completely Online
  2. Curriculum designed to reflect current trends in the industry
  3. Courses developed by experienced faculties
  4. Courseware available on GeorgiaVIEW
  5. Software availability under Microsoft Academic Alliance
  6. Laboratory support

Admission requirements

All requirements for admission to the Online MS in CS and Online Graduate Certificate Program are the same as those for the Master of Science in Computer Science degree program.

Student Advising

Each student will have access to the Graduate Advisor. Upon acceptance in the program the student will receive a information brochure which will guide the student initially. Once the student is in the program, student will use the GeorgiaVIEW based Advising sessions to plan their course of study. There will be an online orientation for new graduate students.

Program Management

The graduate program is administered by the Director of the graduate program in CS, who reports to the dean of the school. The duties of the Director include (but are not limited to) handling recruitment and admissions, collecting program statistics, serving as academic advisor, monitoring the masters thesis, and serving as the primary representative for the program within the Department, School, the University, and the community.

Virtual Environment

With more and more students enrolled in online classes, it has been a major concern for educators that online students should be able to access the lab facilities, especially the contemporary software development tools. Many of the software tools required by the CIS curriculum (such as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, and Oracle DBMS) require stronger computing abilities that can not be provided by the regular PCs or laptops owned by students. In addition, having students send their projects directly to instructors could create an unnecessary inconvenience in grading. Faculty members need to configure their desktop systems to run the projects sent by each student and such configuration is time-consuming.

Since Spring 2006 the School has offered a new service for online computer classes – access to the virtual machines. Students can remotely log onto the system and complete their project assignments. The virtual lab can eliminate all the aforementioned problems for the students and instructors in online classes. It gives equal opportunities to both online and regular students.

Testing Centers

The School has established a network of Testing Centers for the online graduate programs. Information on Testing Centers near you will be provided upon acceptance in to the program. If there is no testing center near your place of residence, guidelines for establishing the testing centers are available with the graduate advisor. The testing center may have a nominal charge for their services. The student is responsible for such charges.

  • Click here to learn more about the Online Graduate Certificate in CIS
  • Click here for Online Graduate Certificate Program curriculum sheet

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Multi-year schedule

The Department of Computer Science follows multi-year schedule to offer classes each semester. This schedule helps in offering classes in an optimal manner and yet allow students to select the classes to meet the graduation requirement in minimal time period. The multi-year schedule is also revised periodically.

  • Click here for undergraduate program multi-year schedule
  • Click here for graduate program multi-year schedule.
  • Click here for details on admission, application forms, eligibility requirements, and academic standards
  • Click here to download the Undergraduate Internship Package
  • Click here to download the Graduate Internship Package
  • Click here to download Expression Web 3

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